Taco Tuesday! Fish Tacos!

I was never a fan of fish tacos until my boyfriend made them for me one night & made me try them. Since then I’ve been hooked! It is now one of our favorite cheat night meals because we fry the fish! We’ve tried it grilled & blackened but its the best fried so we only have it every once in a while. This recipe is very easy I can’t say quick because it is a lot of clean up, but it is worth it! You can make it healthier by grilling the fish with blackening seasoning. Otherwise fish tacos can be a healthy meal by using whole wheat wraps, low fat sour cream, just a little or no cheese at all. Check out the recipe! Let me know if you try it out or have a favorite cheat night meal you’d like to share!



Fish Tacos

Serves 2

3 pieces of Mahi Mahi cut up & battered in egg, flour & breadcrumbs ( the best are panko)

Tomatoes or Salsa


Shredded cheese (we use a 3 cheese blend)

Whole Wheat Wraps

Sour Cream




Cook the fish then put together your taco any way you’d like! I didn’t give amounts for each ingredient because that’s the best thing about tacos you can put any amount of each it’s up to you & your personal tastes!


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